Our Core Purpose is to create an enriched community by empowering our ENTREPRENEURS in all dimensions of life.

Entrepreneur Excel is a unique platform that embraces entrepreneurs from all the generations regardless of their gender, region, experience, industry and more. The fundamental objective of Entrepreneur Excel is to Bond, Learn and Empower with ultimate goal to LEAD. We have more than 1 lakh followers around the globe leaded by our community leaders in India, Canada, Sydney, Hongkong etc… We are also official moderator for Facebook Community Leadership Circle.

Under the guidance and nurturing of our founder Zenobia Khodaiji, famously known as ‘Baa’, and Namrata Thakker Entrepreneur Excel has flourished as a global community with a zenith growth.

Our Founders

Zenobia Khodaiji

The core team is led by leaders from various spectrums which makes Entrepreneur Excel an epitome of excellence. With great honor, we present the strength of our committee:

1. Zenobia Khodaiji, a leading lady with diversified qualities beyond words to describe. Highest ranking in google search with large followers on various social media platforms, she is indeed a person of prominence. 1.5 million Followers on YouTube & Speaker at New York radio.

2.  Namrata Thakker,  Business Coach , Founder of ” Entrepreneur Excel” strong community of over 21,000 Entrepreneur globally her  mission is to make business System and process driven , not people dependent, She provides most  impactful and innovative solutions for same, have coached in 40 different industries. So if you want practically applicable and solution oriented, this coach is for you. Brand Manager for Pooja Bedi’s “Happy Soul”, Ashish Vidhyarthi and many more.

Namrata Thakker

Entrepreneur Excel is associated with other community leaders and coaches from different geographical regions and professional areas. We also have following endurance:

  • Huge brands tie-ups.
  • Reputed Celebrity / Personality network.
  • Exotic Venue partners.
  • Leadership training.
  • Mentoring Start-ups.
  • Brand Promotions.